A Man Called Noah: Chapter 14 The Gathering Storms

Naamah was worried, it was well after the rising of the sun, but still there was no sign of Methuselah. She approached his tent with care as the old man was particular about his privacy. Calling his name as she entered, it took her a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkened space. […]

The Tipping Point

The story is told of a colony of chimpanzees that were being observed 24/7 in the wild.  All their routines and habits were identified, catalogued and examined. One day those observing the colony noticed a younger chimpanzee entering the nearby river and washing the food she was about to eat. Soon another, having noticed what […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 13: Laying the Foundations

Not for the first time in his long life, Noah gave thanks to God for the wisdom of his wife. He smiled ruefully as he remembered Naamah pleading with him not to cut down every single tree ‘just yet’. She loved walking in the shade of the trees as the evening emerged, the setting sun […]

A Man Called Noah Chapter 12: Beasts of Burden

Noah and his sons were pacing out the dimensions of the ARK a few days later when they heard a commotion trundling towards them. It was Noah’s nephew Shamar, leading 7 teams of oxen, each team pulling a wooden cart which was ladened with supplies. Noah rushed to greet his kinsman but it was immediately […]

A Man Called Noah Chapter 11: On Deafening Ears

It was many months before Methuseleh returned with Shem and Japheth and their two young brides. The two girls were shy at first but quickly relaxed as Naamah and Bennai took them off to their tents to get to know them better. Soon there were peals of laughter coming from within the tents as Noah […]

The Pain is Part of the Joy

These words are attributed to the Christian author, C.S. Lewis in the book and film, ‘Shadowlands’. It is the telling of the story of Lewis’ marriage to, and love for Joy Gresham. What began as a marriage of convenience to help Joy and her two sons remain in England, became an incredible encounter with love […]

A Man Called Noah Chapter 8: The Next Storm Breaks

She watched, as she did so often before, from a distance. Without realizing it she had grown to love this family. She knew all their habits and family interactions. She enjoyed their playful way with each other and wondered at the unspoken tension that so often surfaced among them. She noted the deference and awe […]

An Upper Room

In Irish households there is a long tradition of the ‘good room’, usually a sitting room with all the trappings and trimmings of a family’s history and memories. It was a room that was reserved for special occasions and woe-betide any youngster who went in there without permission. In many ways ‘the good room’ was […]

A Man Called Noah Chapter 7: Surprised by Love

Noah’s eyes searched for any hint that someone in the village might be taking in what he had said. All glared back at him, laughter had long since turned to rage. No eyes looked at him with kindness nor hope. A heavy sorrow fell on him, almost bending his back with the weight of sadness […]

Watch and Pray

While Jesus was struggling in the Garden of Gethsemane, his disciples, though physically present, were not with him in spirit. We are all familiar with the concept of being lonely, even within a group of people. This was literally true for Jesus during his final hours. There was no one who understood what he was […]