Once in our world, a stable had something in it that was bigger than our whole world C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia)

Hope is what we crave! In these emerging days of the Church’s New Year (Advent), our anticipation and excitement for this season of Hope may be in danger of being overshadowed by variants of concern, disagreements about masks for children in school, and still alarmingly high daily rates of infection and hospitalisation. It is not […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 25: The Rainbow

The animals and humans all woke early on that final morning aboard the ARK. There was an air of eager anticipation as Noah and his family began to release the animals into the dawning sunrise. Most of the animals may have entered ‘two by two’, but many were joined by young gambolling offspring. As well […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 24 : Bird’s Eye View

The atmosphere within the ARK seemed to improve after Ham’s declaration. While it was hard to be patient, the opening of the ARK was drawing closer. Noah and Shem, with Miriam supervising due to her advanced pregnancy, began to look at the sealed doorway in the side of the ARK. Shem reckoned that the drying […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 23: The End is Nigh

Noah called his family together on hearing this news. They looked carefully at all the notches that Naamah had carved into the wall above their living space. With a shock they realised that it had been nearly five months since the flood had begun. Naamah looked lovingly at the faces peering at the wall of […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 22: The Deafening Silence

It took all of them a few minutes to realise what had changed. It was the silence, complete and utter silence. Even the animals were still, hardly even breathing as this new wonder crept over all of them. The rain had stopped just as suddenly as it had begun. The constant pounding of heavy raindrops […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 21: ‘Water, water everywhere…’

The animals began to get restless on the second day since the floods rose, much of the first day had been spent by Noah and his family sitting together in stunned silence, their minds unable to take in everything that had happened, and the spreed with which everything had changed. It would be many years […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 20: The Flood Rises

Sitting in their darkened room, not daring to light a fire-torch, Noah and his family could hear the villagers outside laughing and bantering about how they were going to have plenty of cooked meat once the fire took hold. It was truly terrifying as they clung to each other, calling out to God to save […]

A Man Called Noah Chapter 19: The Unlit Fire

Noah was pleasantly surprised when it was Bennai who spoke up in front of all her kinsmen. She had seemed so nervous and anxious as they had approached the village early the next morning. The shock on the faces of the villagers quickly turned to suspicion and anger, but fear won out and they stayed […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 18: Finishing Touches

Naamah kept her suspicions to herself but couldn’t help smiling every time she thought about being a grandmother. She and Noah spent the morning surveying the ARK which stood majestic on the top of the hill where once the darkened forest had stood. Japheth and Deborah were preparing the animals to enter the ARK before […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 15 Taking Shape

Years later, when his grandchildren and great-grandchildren would ask him to tell them all about the ARK that still lay rotting on the nearby mountain, Noah would struggle to explain to minds so young how they had managed to fit all the pieces together. It all came down to the fixed trees, they were the […]