A Man Called Noah, Chapter 17: Loading Up

The years had passed swiftly in a blur of routine, backbreaking work and the slow but steady growth of the ARK. Noah and his family stood at Methuselah’s grave, the congealed blood of their would-be attackers had long since seeped into the dry crusted earth. As they gazed out across the valley below they could […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 16: Sticks and Stones

In the village by the Oasis a new chief had been chosen. It was Bennai’s uncle, and he shared the vicious and vindictive character of her grandfather. The village had been in uproar after the death of the chief, the only thing that stopped the people from storming Noah’s camp was fear. Everyone had witnessed […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 15 Taking Shape

Years later, when his grandchildren and great-grandchildren would ask him to tell them all about the ARK that still lay rotting on the nearby mountain, Noah would struggle to explain to minds so young how they had managed to fit all the pieces together. It all came down to the fixed trees, they were the […]

A Man Called Noah: Chapter 14 The Gathering Storms

Naamah was worried, it was well after the rising of the sun, but still there was no sign of Methuselah. She approached his tent with care as the old man was particular about his privacy. Calling his name as she entered, it took her a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkened space. […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 10: Back to the Beginning

Noah stood facing the dawning light, his beloved Naamah still resting in their tent behind him. He shuddered at the thought of what might have happened, giving silent thanks to God for her safe delivery and the safe arrival of the beautiful Bennai. He smiled as he remembered the look of pure devotion on the […]

A Man Called Noah, Chapter 9: The Gates of Hell

Noah and his sons were frantic. They had spent hours searching the former forest, all of Naamah’s favourite pathways, but they found no trace of her. Even Methuselah was worried, he stood beside the fire pit, his eyes closed as he prayed and searched in his mind where she might be. They could hear the […]