The Windows

Christ Church is home to a fine collection of stained glass windows, each of which was given as a memorial. At one time a phrase had been stencilled above each window describing its contents. These were destroyed by water damage from serious roof leaks, but were replaced in the 1980s with the same inscription carved on Irish oak panels.

Some of existing windows replaced originals made of Munich glass, of which remains: that in the choir vestry. The rest were replaced in 1916 after being deemed inferior While today’s admirers of Munich glass might dispute this, the existing windows are of exceptional quality and include three windows by Alfred E. Child from the An Túr Gloine Studio in Dublin.

There are two single windows, each depicting the Good Shepherd, which are found at the end of the aisles looking westward. The remaining windows illustrate the life of Christ, beginning in the Chapel of the Epiphany and the nativity and ending in the chancel with the great east window depicting the Ascension.

The windows on the North side of the church depict the Temptation, The Marriage at Cana, The Draught of the Fishes, The Woman of Samaria, The Stilling of the Storm, The Demonica of Gadra, The Healing of Jairus’s Daughter and the Healing of the Paralytic.

The great west window, which features the Teaching and Healing Ministry was completed in 1889 as a memorial to the 11th Earl of Meath. Six columns of three pictures each depict different stories from the Gospels. Viewed from north to south, or right to left, these include:

  1. The Pool of Bethesda, the Cornfield on the Sabbath, The Sermon on the Mount
  2. The Gate of Nain, The Sinner at Christ’s feet and The Sermon from the Ship
  3. Jesus at Nazareth, Feeding of the 5000, Walking on the Sea
  4. The Woman of Canaan, The Samaritan Leper, St Peter and the Tribute Money
  5. The Woman Taken in Adultery, Martha and Mary, The Raising of Lazarus
  6. Suffer the Little Children, Blind Bartimaeus, and Zacchaeus in the Tree

The windows on the South side of the Church depict (west to east): The Entry into Jerusalem; The Cleansing of the Temple; Washing the Disciples’ Feet; The Agony in the Garden; The Healing of Malchus’s Ear; The Mockery of the King; the Crucifixion; The Burial in the Tomb; The Rending of the Tomb; and the Appearance of Mary Magdalene.

The last two southerly windows are located in the choir vestry: The Road to Emmaus and The Appearance on the Shore.

The great east window depicts the Ascension and The Last Supper.

One more window can be seen high up the North wall of the sanctuary.  It depicts The Martyrdom of St Stephen and the Conversion of St Paul.