Epiphany Chapel

The Epiphany Chapel takes its name from the subjects of the East window. On the panelling on the chapel’s North wall are carved the names of many parishioners whose relatives and friends in 1936 wished to commemorate them.

The moulding above the panel bears three Greek words meaning ‘Let us remember with thanksgiving.’ The titles around the panel are in three languages: Hebrew (Jesus of Nazareth), Greek (Jesus Christ) and Latin (Son of God). The first panel is inscribed with the names of those who have ministered as priests of the parish since Christ Church was consecrated. The other panels bear the names of those in memory of whom gifts have been given to the Chapel, and other departed friends of parishioners. The panels continue to be used for commemorating friends and relatives who have passed away.

Just outside the Epiphany Chapel is a large oak chest made out of rafters from the old St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, which were presented to individuals connected with the cathedral on its refurbishment. The chest was presented to Christ Church in 1986 by the descendants of one such individual as a memorial to their parents and brother.