Rev. Baden Stanley

Rev. Baden Stanley

Each week we hope to post a blog on a Monday or Tuesday. These blogs will hopefully stimulate thought, discussion and even debate around key topic that are affecting our society at this time of great change and challenge.

Lighten our Darkness Chapter 16: A Rising Star

It was probably the greatest celebration that Heaven had seen since the dawn of creation. Messengers of every type, description and ministry lined the heavenly pathway that led to the Gateway to Earth. It was a moment of sublime joy as the heartbeat of God was about to be fulfilled in the most extraordinary way. The Archangel Uriel wept silent tears of humility as he prepared to fulfil the task for which he had been called. In his trembling hands he held a precious gift, ‘the smile of God’. He could feel it move and twitch within his grasp as if it yearned to explode into a blaze of God-giving glory that would shatter the darkness of the world below. The multitude of messengers that lined the streets of heaven, sang such sweet harmony that Uriel felt his heart would break for Joy. Like Gabriel, he knew this task had originally been set for another messenger; one once filled with Light who was to be both herald and guiding star. The knowledge that he (Uriel) was not the first choice in no way dampened his joy. All messengers have to serve, few allow pride and ambition to cloud their thoughts. Those who did were now fallen, watching the Gateway from without, seething with rage and regret-filled envy as they could hear the song of heaven being sung within. Uriel knew that the assault would be fierce once the gateway to heaven was opened, but he did not fear it. The will and purpose of Almighty God could not be thwarted in a heart that was surrendered and humble. Uriel drew deep heavenly breath as the Gatekeeper began to unlock the gate, the ‘smile of God’ beginning to shimmer and shake; long, deep rays of light already beginning to break through the heavenly seal that contained it. As the Gate swung open, it was as if all the individual shards of light joined together in a single bright beam of incandescent light, filled with healing, filled with all the passion and emotion of God’s heart.

Even as the gate of heaven closed behind him Uriel could sense the gathering armies of hell begin their attack. It was as if the dark shadows of Lucifer’s minions believed they could darken the light of heaven by clinging to it, and collectively blocking the pure platinum light. As each shadow landed on the light, it was as if a speck of dust was zapped by the transcendent beam. It was not within the ability of the fallen to look beyond their own vain glory, and each shadow craved personal power and recognition. Possibly a coherent, cohesive and more unified attack might have dimmed the light of what would for ever be known as the ‘Star of Wonder’ but it was their own foolish folly that thwarted their intent. Lucifer watched on in growing fury as he glared at Uriel from afar. This was the moment he had long feared, the moment that the true intent of Almighty God would be revealed. It was the heartbeat of his own rebellion all those aeons before. He had long known of God’s intent to become one of those sons of Adam, he had even initially welcomed it, until he realised, with horror, the full capacity of God’s Love. Salvation of the deserving few, an elite, Lucifer could comprehend; but to make that salvation available to every single disgusting and depraved son of Adam was an anathema to the true power of heaven. Better by far to gift this treasure to those who were worthy, those who would protect and cherish the sanctity of heaven’s powerful potential to control and to dominate.

Lucifer could not bear to behold the rising star that burst from Uriel’s hands, its purity and joy was too much for his blackened heart; but he knew already its direction as it dragged the Archangel in its wake; as it flew indifferently over Kingdoms and palaces, always heading East towards the further realms of the planet Earth where God’s dreams were to be born. Coming to rest over an obscure hillside thousands of earth miles from the intended birthplace of the Child, its arrival initially noted only by a single being, who jumped up from his lonely fireplace in alarm and wonder. Herein lay the truth of God’s intent. His Love, unconditional and pure, was not for the few, but for all.

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