Rev. Baden Stanley

Rev. Baden Stanley

Each week we hope to post a blog on a Monday or Tuesday. These blogs will hopefully stimulate thought, discussion and even debate around key topic that are affecting our society at this time of great change and challenge.

“Suffer the Little Children….” and their beleaguered parents.

So, how’s your physical isolation going? Are you okay? Are you lonely? Do you need anything? These are important questions as many of us face these difficult days on our own. For some, the days are long, dragged out, boring even. For others, there doesn’t seem to be a spare second to do anything but keep going. This can be especially true for those with children who have now been home for 20,160 minutes (give or take 60 seconds). Some parents and children are really struggling and that’s okay. This is such an artificial, unnatural situation to be in.It is simply not possible to replicate school in every home. Don’t add frustration and guilt to your already complex range of emotions. Find out what works best for you and your children. Be patient with yourself and them and love them, even if occasionally you don’t always like them.

I love the fact that Jesus was a Story teller. He could take the most profound thoughts and insights and weave wonderful simple stories that still inspire thousands of years later. These timeless tales are critically important to the development of our childrens faith.

Normally on a Thursday morning, I am up early planning the talk I will give to 2nd or 3rd Class in St. Andrews National School Bray. I really miss these classes and the students, each one an individual and a character. I love telling them stories and I really love the questions they ask. So as it looks like we are all going to be stuck at home for a good bit longer we are starting a new initiative for our younger people. Building on the idea of ‘The Story Tree’ where some of you have been decorating your windows for St.Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day, I am going to start sharing stories online. To do this in a way that keeps all these stories together we are setting up our own You tube Channel. Don’t ask me how it works but follow the link and you should be able to find us on You Tube -The Story Tree.

Over the coming days we will be posting stories and bonus material as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter. If you or your children have a favourite bible story that they would like me to tell, let me know and we’ll post them over the coming weeks.

For now, take a long breath, put down the phone for a few minutes, enjoy the sounds of nature around you and then get back to teaching maths.

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